Saturday, September 30, 2006

Economic Summit HTML

Here is a copy of the current HTML for the Santa Cruz Economic Summit:


Welcome the the Santa Cruz Economic Summit Blog

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for coming and welcome to our blog. This blog is in place to facilitate our communication and resource direction towards our Information Technology additions we hope to making to the Santa Cruz Economic Summit in the next seven weeks. Please don't be shy. Post any ideas you have as soon we will have to divy up responsibilites.

I got some initial Input from Tony Madrigal and we discussed several possible modifications:

1) The web page could be redesigned for easier access and use
2) A user-input form, so that users may add their information to his system, and give him data about their interests, would benefit local collaberation.
3) The current blog functionality on the site has complaints of not being user-friendly enough.
4) A mail-list server would aid communications

I beleive many of these goals are attainable this quater. let me know what you think.